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Robin DehavenRobin Dehaven, witness to the recent attack on the IRS building in Austin, rushed in to help people who were inside.

“I’ve had some experience in triage and battlefield, with … gunfire,” he said. “My first thought [was] maybe I can help, because I’m more used to dealing with traumatic situations like that.

“I have a clear head and a calm head to try to help those people, and luckily I did.”

Click here for the full story of the rescue.


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Dog Saves Missing Girl’s Life

How impressive is this? This dog definitely deserves to be treated like a king.

With the help of her faithful dog ‘Blue,’ a 3-year-old girl survived a night of cold temperatures after getting lost.

CNN News Clip of the Rescue

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Record-Setting Kidney Swap

Doctors in Washington DC performed a record-setting kidney swap giving 13 kidneys to patients who often never qualify. Read more below.


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Fastest Growing Jobs: Accountants, Auditors and Health Professionals

Those of you looking for jobs, here is a tip from MSN on the fastest growing jobs. Read more by going to the link below.


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Retail Sales are UP


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A Oranguntan Photographer

Nonja is a photographer at the Vienna Zoo. This oranguntan has learned to take photographs by being rewarded with food after clicking a camera. Check out her work on facebook.


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Secret Santa Hands out Money at Kansas City Hospital


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